How do I input operation symbols?

Input rules for operations. Operations priority sequence.

The app supports the standard order of operations: parenthetical expressions, exponents (powers), multiplication and division, addition and subtraction. When the priority of two expressions is the same, the calculation is performed from left to right.

For addition, use the addition button.

For subtraction, use the subtraction symbol.
Note: This button can also be used to input the minus sign before a negative value.

For multiplication, use the multiplication symbol.
A multiplication symbol can be omitted when it occurs immediately before the opening parenthesis opening parenthesis or after the closing parenthesis closing parenthesis.

3*(25.4 - 5) can be entered as 3(25.4 - 5)
(7 - 3.4)*(8 + 5.3) can be entered as (7 - 3.4)(8 + 5.3)
2*(4 - 8.03)*(6*7 - 10)*5 can be entered as 2(4 - 8.03)(6*7 - 10)5

5*x can also be entered as 5x
3*(x - 5) can be entered as 3(x - 5)
x*(5 - x) can be entered as x(5 - x)
(x + 3)*(x - 5) can be entered as (x + 3)(x - 5)
2*x(4 - 8*x)*(6*x - 10)*5 can be entered as 2x(4 - 8x)(6x - 10)5

For division, use the division button.

Note: Fraction bar symbol can be used for fractions input only. Do not use it for division.

Exponents are typed using the power symbol power

Note: exponents can be positive or negative integers and expressions with the integer result. Exponents cannot be decimals.

Exponents of numbers:
32 would be typed as 3^2
(-5)8 as (-5)^8
4(-3) as 4^(-3)
7(5-3*2) as 7^(5-3*2).

Exponents of expressions:
(5+3-2.3*4)2 would be typed as (5+3-2.3*4)^2
(1.2*3-4)(-4) as (1.2*3-4)^(-4)

The calculator supports parentheses (), including nested parentheses.

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