What calculations can I perform with Fractions Pro?

Fractions Pro performs calculations with fractions, mixed numbers, decimal and whole numbers.

The calculator performs the four basic arithmetic operations, calculates exponents, including negative exponents, and performs calculations with parentheses, including nested parentheses.

Here you can find some calculation examples.

Example 1.

Calculate Example 1

How to input:
b4 fraction bar b5 power b2 add b3 decimal point b2
opening parenthesis b1 fraction bar b4 add b2 closing parenthesis equal sign


Example 1

Example 2.

Calculate Example 2

How to input:
b2 separator b1 fraction bar b5 divide opening parenthesis b5 power subtract b2
add opening parenthesis b0 decimal point b4 subtract b3 fraction bar b2 b5 closing parenthesis
closing parenthesis equal sign


Example 2

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